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Once upon a time at World’s End the blacksmith lived. He hammered iron, making necessary things for people: horseshoes, ploughs, iron utensils. And there were no one more skilful than him. He forged beautiful things, talked to metal and fire, knew the spells, which helped him to create miracles. It was spoken – God made him of talent and force. And people came from the borderlands in order to see his works. And when he wanted, blacksmith forged cold steel of extraordinary beauty, in which polished blades stars could be seen.   

But once when the Dark Forces decided them to be main on earth, and it was time to gather the army in order to set out God – they started to tempt people, gathering them under flags of evil. And then Dark Lords came to the blacksmith and ordered to forge the best weapon, which could defeat God. Because the blacksmith knew the language of fire and metal, which was given only to chosen ones. But the blacksmith refused. And there were no promises and threats which helped and forced him to stay against The One, Who created him. The Dark Lords executed the blacksmith, but they didn’t get the weapon. And finally they were defeated by the God’s Army.

And God took the soul of the blacksmith. And since that time blacksmiths always go to heaven. Because of rejection of hammering weapon which could kill The Creator. There is no such weapon. But not everyone is given the loyalty to the work that he likes and the ability not to turn it into evil. Only to one, who knows the force of fire, metal and blade…    



Chief editor Roman “Dinger” Keilin

Chief executive officer Mikhail Fishman


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