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We are pleased to offer you "R.I.F. Cold Weapons  Real Men's World" magazine related to knives and close subjects. Our magazine provides information about collectors and their collections, weapon-smiths who produce knives; about knife surveys that show us a beauty of cold steel which comes to life on our pages. When founding the magazine we focused on both amateurs and those who has been crazed about cold weapon for a long time, thus the magazine is not focused on some direction of knife subject, it contains information in all possible fields-of-interest. Anyone who feels like it will find information of his interest on these pages. Such well-known craftsmen and writers as David Darom, Boaz Shadmot, Leonid Arkhangelsky, Saar Noodel, Yaarom Artsi, Vladimir Burkovsky, Alexander Freger, Oleg Guschin, Sergey Vodopianov, Aleksey Tseitlin work closely with us as well as many others whose names are known among experts and collectors in theUSA, Europe,Russia,Ukraine,Canada,Finland,Germanyand other countries. 

As a media partner of many gunsmith unions in European, US and CIS countries we cover knife &  knife art exhibitions and festivals related to smithcraft which were held  all over the world. 

We interview and keep in touch with well-known collectors and weapon-smiths telling about their pieces of work and own wide experience in issues of our magazine. We give master classes with well-known  craftsmen for anyone who feels like produce something with one's own hands. We work with journalists and photographers from Russia,Ukraine and Europe providing a thorough and detailed material. Mostly, we offer our readers exclusive interviews with detailed coverage of topics. In addition, the magazine was founded for everyone; therefore issues of magazine are published in two languages: Russian and English making it available for the readers from different countries. Our goal is simple: to provide everybody with the information about the history and beauty of bladed weapons serving people for actually the whole period of survival of the human race. We sincerely hope that the magazine will turn out to be not only interesting source of information, but also to be a kind of a fascinating journey to the world of cold beauty; and after taking a dive into the midst of it you will realize that there is no way back…


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