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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the 17 issue of the international magazine of knives “R.I.F.” is on sale since September 20, 2014

R.I.F-17 eng. online

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the 17 issue of the international magazine of knives “R.I.F.” is on sale since September 20, 2014

From the Editor:

In the issue:

Exclusively for R.i.F.

Russia Artisans:

Vladimir Halitov:

“ The Beauty of knife is a subjective concept...”

...Principally I try not to copy, I don`t like this way. I draw but, although, it often happens that I do it almost immediately on the material. It is more complicated with ergonomics, each has his own understanding, despite the fact that it is all objective. People are often objective, when they see photos of my knives, but then they agree that they were wrong, when they get the opportunity to hold, to feel them in their hands. Beauty ― is also a subjective concept...


Magazine RIF on the Moscow`s spring exhibition "Arsenal"

… There was the word in the beginning. Or rather ― the sentence. In the sense ― "Why not to go…". But to go, as we decided. And not just anywhere, but to the XIV exhibition "Arsenal", which took place in Moscow from 24 till 27 of April 2014. Essentially, the decision was made due to the release of a new book by Dr. David Darom, in which the Russian masters were first introduced. Therefore the offer was born: it was decided to hold the book`s presentation in Russia ... Why not? Well, if yes ― here we go. Bags are packed, meetings are specified, airplanes are leased, gifts are taken…Worried a little before the road we met with a big delegation of Israel in Ben Gurion Airport and went to conquer the Moscow...

International projects

“Asymmetric” project

... The project, that made a lot of noise in the circles of Russian fans of knives, and still causing controversies, can be well called ambiguous, but successfully held. The unusual design of the blade, that was called "Asymmetric"by the creators, is exactly corresponding to its name: it does not have two perfectly flat parts, but everything is harmoniously linked together, each line. Despite the fact that blades are equally as popular as not, those users who had the fortunate to get the “Asymmetry” in use, speak about it only positively...

Alex Tseitlin:

Lund's 56 &57 Cornhill, London

... Established in 1796. By 1820 Thomas Lund is listed as cutler and writing desk maker at 56 and 57 Cornhill and as an importer of altering stones. A William Lund appears circa 1836 as manufacturers of dressing cases, fine cutlery and real drilled eyed needles at 24 Fleet Street. Apparently by 1852 these two businesses had been amalgamated under the name of William Lund. However it is interesting to note that in the 1840 directory only Thomas appears under Cutlers whilst William appears under Desk and Dressing case makers but with a notation that he is a cutler...

Historical excursus:

Push-dagger – a small sting

... By the way, the first push-daggers appeared during the “gold rush” in XIX century. It was the time when the wave of emigration and fortune seekers from other countries brought to the Americas heritage of various cultures of Asian nations, among which there also was a push dagger, which became popular and widely used as a weapon without special training in self-defense...

Exhibitions and activity:


In memory of Vitaliy Shlaifer

...Vitaliy Grigoritevich was born in the postwar years in the officer's family. His father and his father's friends went through the war, and was awarded with medals and orders. One of his father's friends, Hero of the Soviet Union General Piotr Philippovich Berestov had a profound influence on the world outlook of the friend's son. From the age of five the general took the boy to hunt, as adults, and taught the boy of wisdom of life. From that moment the weapon passed through the entire life of a young boy...


“Blade". Traditions and the present of spring Moscow

… The next exhibition “Blade”, which was held this spring in Moscow, it was remembered by many visitors since at the beginning they had to stand in line to get into the pavilion. The organizers of the exhibition is impressed. Regular exponents, whose names Russian supporters know, bring their product to the booths…

Excursion into history:

Stiletto - is a weapon of noble killers

... Stilettos survived nowadays. Unfortunately, they are not similar to that graceful and silent weapon of death which we can see at the old paintings and that have come down to us from other centuries.Modern stiletto ― it is rather stylized dagger that differ from the original stiletto by the presence of the cutting edge and the crossguard But the killers and the conspirators use very different means now, so that the age of the classic stiletto came to an end, and we can only admire the beautiful examples of this stylish killer in museums and private collections...

Exhibitions and activity:


“R. I. F. – Spring 2014”

… May 24, 2014 - ordinary calendar date, which, as usual, the admirers of cold weapons in Israel was looking for.The reason is that in kibbutz of Ein ha-Mifrats, the international knife exhibition “R. I. F. – Spring 2014” was held organized by the journal about the cold weapon “R. i. F. Cold Weapon: Man's World”, and which has long time ago turned into a festival and celebration for the whole family…

Exclusively for R.i.F.

Russia Artisans:

Maria Arkhangelskaya:

I started with the most difficult steel...

... I started to forge not just Damascus steel, but very difficult and unyielding. Only with practice, I realized what steel is more easily to forge, and what is more difficult, and, as it turned out, I started with the most difficult. I love the countless number of patterns and uniqueness of Damascus steel. By the way, I also tried to work with bulat but, to my opinion, it is less beautiful than Damascus, although there are also a lot of opportunities for creativity...

Sa’ar Nudel:

Tough Fruit Indeed

...The Israeli knife history is not very long. Being a relatively young nation with just a modest knife tradition, it is a real joy when a local entrepreneur decides to make hard using knives and offer them to the armed forces, as an official issue...

Laboratory of R.I.F.:

City knives test:

CRKT M21-02G vs ONTARIO RAT model-1

... We are waiting for uncommon, and in its own way, predictable fight.Now, we are presenting: in left corner – Chinese fighter CRKT M21-02G, in left corner, the rival, – Taiwanese, ONTARIO RAT model-1. And while fighters are warming up, we will try to figure their brief properties...

Views of the knives owners:

Cold Steel Recon1 Mini

... My choice was Mini Recon 1. However, I was considering for a long time, which of the options I like the best: spear point, clip point or tanto point. The problem though was resolved quickly: all of them were presented except for the knife with clip-point lock. A kind of mini-Bowie, why not… I had to, by force of habit, refer to the Internet. And the first inquiry propose me a couple of videos on the famous channel. At first one the creator, energetic man named Lynn Thompson, showed capabilities of Recon. Well, how does he usually do? He chops everything around, cuts all flexible things he could find, chipping everything lying about. Even some persons hung on the knife and nothing happen with it...



... According to Josephus Flavious, Tiberias was founded in 17 AD by Herod Antipas, in honor of the emperor Tiberius. Herod made Tiberias his residence; he built a magnificent palace, a temple, an amphitheater and surrounded the city by wall. There was another reason why regents of Galilee enjoyed living here: near the town was salubrious mountain stream. As the surrounding area was covered by ancient tombs, which were razed during the construction of the houses, the Jews considered the city to be unclean and were afraid to settle there, so the first time he had quite pagan nature...



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