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The 9th edition of the International magazine "RIF" (printed)

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the ninth issue of the international magazine of knives “R.I.F.” is on sale since August 12, 2012

The 9th edition of the International magazine "RIF" (printed)

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Dear friends!

We are pleased to inform you that the ninth issue of the international magazine of knives “R.I.F.” is on sale since August 12, 2012

In the issue:

From the Editor:

Russian Masters:

Exclusively for R.i.F.

Scrimshaw of Yelena Frolova

...Scrimshaw is randomness. Ten years ago, while still working as a jeweler, I used to walk and whine about not having any work or orders… Back then I received an advice regarding doing scrimshaws and just picking up a burner and burning something out of a bone. I listened to advice right away. In three hours I had my first picture finished. Probably, due to being nervous and the fact that I had neither knowledge nor experience, the picture turned out to be good. I had shown it to Andrei Koreshkov and he liked it. He called it “a very tasteful thing” and gave me blessing to continue doing it further on and I dived into it, in the good meaning of the word...

Israeli   Masters:

Oleg Ermolaev

...I began with a sheath because I am too fond of cold weapons. And then it all began to take off! I liked having a nice belt with an oval buckle like those we saw on cow boys in movies of our childhood. There were wallets, gun holsters, various casings – now it is hard to recall everything. But sheaths still remain my favorite works...

Exclusively for R.i.F.


Sa'ar Nudel:

From Chopsticks to Butterfly Swords

...First getting a general idea, second – accumulating an inventory, all of it which from four private collections as there were no relevant exhibits in the Nahari museum’s storage which holds mainly applied art pieces of cloth, bronze, ceramics and ivory. As said before, I am not an expert in that field; so I asked for the aid of Artzi Yarom, mostly known worldwide as founder of Oriental-Arms...

Festival of Smith Union in Moscow

...In June of this year in Moscow, within the Festival of the Union of Smiths and under the auspices of the Union held an open championship of Russia on the traditional test-cutting of the rope. At this time the program was more intense, and participants from other countries increased. Masters fought for the right to name his knife the best in the stated nominations and look at this action, which was held in one of the most beautiful places in the Moscow Exhibition Center, where there were a lot of viewers ...

To describe the whole thing just does not make sense, but those who were there and participated shared the impressions of the festival...

Exclusively for R.i.F.

Ukraine Masters:

Master Petro Fedoryaka:

"There are things I'm proud of..."

...I do not remember my first knife, but I remember the shoes I wore, and then I remember the smell of the smithy. At that time I did not take any decision, I was just admiring. A bit later, from time to time I made hooks, hinges, chisels with my father. A turning point was a documentary film about Vyacheslav Ivanovich Basov. After it I have got a conscious desire to do something like that ... By the way, I made the first hunting knife when I was quite an adult. That was a complete imitation of what I saw: Bowie-type blade (I did not know such a clever word at that time), ergonomic handle made from apricot wood. It appeared nice...

Peter Shknevsky:

Steel of AUS series

...In the previous issue we talked about steel of series 400+, used in the most budget model of knives. Today we continue to talk about inexpensive steel, which the main number of knife producers uses for blades.

Steel of AUS series –it’s Japanese brands of the stainless steel which is often compared with 440А series (AUS-6), steel 440B(AUS-8),and with 440C(AUS-10)...

Blacksmith’s cutler festival “Hard worker” in Ukraine

...At first, the idea and theme of the festival is invented. Then, within that framework, as a rule, the members of the guild conduct master classes.The first festival showed the basics of blacksmithing. The final ones showed more complicated things, such as: mining of ball iron, acquisition of damask steel, forging of high-alloy steel. The basics are explained to beginners by more experienced people, but not within the frame work of the festival theme. Almost all equipment is supplied by my blacksmith shop: hammers, anvils, gas and coal furnaces, tongs and grinders. Some tools are supplied by the participants themselves...


Aleksandr Barmin:

Lesson 7

Handguards: templates, marking-up, engraving

...With the use of a plastic stick (more exactly, its sidepiece), with a gentle motion we pass round the handguard along its edges, making the ink imprinted on paper. On the face of it, the procedure seems to be a doodle, you simply slap, run a contour, and all is in readiness. But if you don't have a grip on this, paper is sure to displace and slip out. I bring things forward: you can pitch 4 or 5 small pieces of a sticky tape in the middle of a handguard. The pieces will fix a paper slip, and after all you would be able to remove it with ease. It is beneficial to repeat the procedure for several times, until you become certain of making everything correctly...

Picture of the issue:

Israeli Masters:

Alex Shamgar - Exclusively for R.i.F.:

"I went around alone ..."

...The name of Alex Shamgar is known to many knife makers who manufacture leather goods. Fairly beautiful sheaths for knives which are richly ornamented, holsters for handguns, covers for other items make perhaps a modest list of the goods the master makes from leather. He collected sheaths for many knives by famous masters, taught the beginners, those who sought advice. And to top it all, Alex does not only deal with leather, many people know also his knives, sturdy, strong, thoroughly made, like everything made by the master…

Vladimir Kovrov:

"I have created a club for converse..."

...There were few of us in Moscow, who practiced in throwing: Aleksandr Salnikov, now he is the chief of the "Russian Darts" (rus.: "Russkii Darts"); Sergei Fedosenko, for the moment - the vice-president of Federation of Sport Knife Throwing. For this reason I sinked in everything by intuition, by practical consideration. Generally, at the days when we had started, there was no theory at all, I even did not know of existence of Tadeusz Kasyanov's manual. We had to overcome plenty of obstacles and snags, especially as the attitude to our activities was not so as now…

Knight tales in Jerusalem

...From 9th to 14th of July a festival of historic reconstruction “Knight tales” took place in the Jerusalem Museum of Nature, which was organized the Natural history club “Knights of Jerusalem”, directed by Denis Zlatopolskiy and Gigoriy Tamar. The festival was planned as chamber and it was visited, despite the hot weather, by many people who wanted to see the middle ages world and dive into its atmosphere...

Alex Tseitlin:

Identification, definition of the approximate age of the straight razor

...In this article I would like to highlight some points that may help determine the approximate age of the razor. Obviously, at the very beginning to be mentioned Benjamin Huntsman, a watchmaker from the town of Doncaster (about 20 miles north of Sheffield), England. It was he who in 1740 finally perfected his crucible steel process and realised that this process could be used to make superior tools and cutlery. Since that time, the story goes, and razors, we're talking about...


Kershaw Blur or a Descendant of the proud scimitars

...I felt an alike long-standing sympathy as to Blur. We stared at each other through a monitor, but somehow we were not in a hurry to bring in a happiness of reunion. Still, the knife didn’t care about me because it hadn’t the slightest idea of my existence. And I just really cared for it, because from time to time I had small occasional reviews and videos, in which Blur flashed here and there. I read and looked at it with interest, even more than once I held it in my hands, as some of my friends possessed it...

Alexey Surzhikov:

Knife vs. Money

...Money clips have been used since the mid of ХХ century. However, they have never been used widely in West or Central Europe where keeping money with no purse is considered a bad habit. However, money clips became a kind of stylish accessory in other parts of Europe and in America. They were handy things making it possible to fix a small money pack for making no mess in one’s pocket. Well, yes, thin rubber rings are good, too, but just imagine a guy coiling up a money pack before other guys! A short snap of a clip is just another thing!...

Dr. David Darom

How It All Began For Me

...Being an avid collector, as well as writer and photographer of several modern photographic guides (from wild flowers and underwater sea life to handguns), I was often disturbed by the lack of any public display of this art form. Therefore, one evening, while checking several of my favorite custom knife-maker sites on the Web, I made a decision to correct this situation. I decided to create a significant book devoted to modern day folding art knives and to begin doing something to introduce this art form to the general-public...



...If you look at the map of Israel Eilat is located at the very south of the Red Sea coast and the Indian Ocean. It is believed that this ancient city has existed during the King Solomon. By the way, those same famous “mines of King Solomon” are located near today’s Eilat – copper mines, which had been repeatedly glorified in the movies. Archeologist Ben Rotenberg has found Egyptian copper mines and smelters in Timna, which are dated XII-XVI A.D. It is has also been said that it is in this place where Moses had stopped, when he led the Jews out of Egyptian slavery...


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